Terms and Conditions

Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Any Client may accept these terms and conditions without having to sign an acceptance for them to be in effect. If a client accepts a quote, the such client is understood to have understood the terms that apply and to have fully accepted these terms and conditions. Please carefully read these terms and conditions. It is assumed that you have read and accepted our terms and conditions if you make a purchase or use one of our services.

Refund Procedure

We’ll do everything we can to come up with the right design ideas for our customers. Any customer who is not entirely pleased with our items is eligible for a refund. If you used a credit card to make the purchase, your refund will be made to that card. If you used a payment gateway, your refund will be made to the same account.
The payment gateway accepts credit cards, debit cards, and net banking transactions in addition to UPI transactions. The business will then add GST to the refund transaction amount and charge 2% of the payment gateway cost.


Costs for the services that Tech Web4u will supply are outlined in the project quotation that the Client receives via email. There is a 30-day expiration on quotations. AFTER THE 30 DAYS, Tech Web4u RESERVES THE RIGHT TO MODIFY OR REFUSE TO PROVIDE A QUOTE.

All website design services, unless otherwise specified by the Client, need an advance payment of at least 40% of the entire project quotation amount before the work is delivered to the Client for approval. once the development phase, a second charge of 40% is necessary, and the final 20% of the project quotation sum is needed once work is finished but before it is uploaded to the server or materials are made available.
Services can be paid for using a cheque, bank transfer, or payment gateway.

Policy for Refunds and Cancellations

Complete customer satisfaction is our main priority. If you are unhappy with the services received, we will return your money as long as your complaints are valid and can be backed up by evidence. Before making a purchase, please read the fine print as it contains all the information about the services or goods you will be purchasing.

Clients are free to cancel their projects and ask for a refund if they are unhappy with our services.

The following is our cancellation and refund policy:
Policy on Cancellations Please get in touch with us via our phone number or email if you need to cancel. Requests that are submitted more than 3 to 5 business days after the current service term has ended will be viewed as service cancellations for the subsequent service period.

Turnaround and content management

Unless a delay is expressly requested by the Client and approved by Tech Web4u, Tech Web4u will install and publicly post or supply the Client’s website by the date indicated in the project proposal, or at the date agreed with the Client Upon MICROTECH receiving the initial payment.
In exchange, the Client consents to designate a single person as a principal contact to assist Tech Web4u in moving the commission along satisfactorily and quickly. Tech Web4u will need the client to supply website material, including text, photographs, movies, and sound files, during the course of the project.

Client Evaluation

During the design phase and when the entire website construction is finished, Tech Web4u will give the Client the chance to assess the website’s appearance and content. Unless the client notifies Tech Web4u otherwise within ten (10) days of the date the materials are made accessible to the client, such materials will be considered accepted and approved at the conclusion of the project.

Failure to Provide Required Website Content: Because Tech Web4u is a small business, we must make sure that the work we have scheduled is completed at the appointed time in order to maintain efficiency. To make sure that your work is finished at the time scheduled, there are times when we may have to turn down offers for additional work and inquiries.

We, therefore, request that you submit the necessary information in advance. We reserve the right to levy a fee of up to 25% in the event that we are unable to advance with your website because we were not provided with the necessary information within the predetermined time limit, and we are therefore delayed.

The text material for your website is required in advance if your project calls for search engine optimization so that the SEO may be organized and carried out effectively. If you agree to give us the necessary information and then neglect to do so within a week of the project’s start, we retain the right to end the project and demand immediate payment of the outstanding balance. Simply expressed, the aforementioned conditions state that we should wait to start until we are ready to do so.

NOTE: Text content must be submitted in the form of a Microsoft Word, email, or another similar document, with the pages in the supplied documents serving as a representation of the necessary website pages’ content. The titles of these pages must match those of the predetermined website pages. For further information about this, get in touch with us.

You can update your material yourself by using our content management system. We’ll send reminders if the client doesn’t supply the information we need for website development within 30 days of the initial payment, but even if they don’t, EasyWebs won’t be held liable for any further delays or refusals to refund the advance payment for any reason.

Additional Charges

The client consents to pay Tech Web4u back for any additional costs incurred throughout the course of the project. Examples include buying unique fonts, stock photos, etc.

Tech Web4u will offer payment invoices after the project is finished but before the actual website is published. The client has the option of receiving hard copies of bills; however, they are typically delivered via email or hand. Charges are payable right away. A service charge of one and one-half percent (1.5%) or Rs. 500 per month of the total amount outstanding will be applied to accounts that are delinquent thirty (30) days after the date of the invoice.

Online Explorers

Every effort is made by Tech Web4u to ensure that websites are built such that the majority of visitors can view them. The most widely used modern browsers, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer 8 and 9, Google Chrome, etc., are supported by websites. Client acknowledges that MICROTECH cannot guarantee proper operation across all operating systems and browsers. After a website has been built and delivered to the client, Tech Web4u cannot be held responsible for web pages that do not function properly in updated browser versions.

By Default

Default Accounts Invoices that are not paid within thirty (30) days of the due date are deemed to be in default. Tech Web4u will, at its discretion, remove all such material from its web space if the Client in Default continues to maintain any information or files on Tech Web4u Web space. Any data loss resulting from the withdrawal of these services is not the responsibility of Tech Web4u.

The removal of such content does not absolve the client of his or her financial responsibility to cover any unpaid fees charged to the client’s account. Cheques returned due to insufficient money will incur an Rs. 250 return fee, and the account of the client will be treated as being in default until full payment is made. Clients who have past-due accounts consent to cover Tech Web4u’s reasonable costs, such as legal fees and costs associated with collection efforts by third parties, incurred by Tech Web4u in upholding these Terms and Conditions.

Tech Web4u has the right to cease working on your project if the client refuses to pay as specified in the work agreement. No cash will be reimbursed if clients stop working on projects since Tech Web4u would have to put in labor hours to complete the work.


Only legal uses are permitted for all Tech Web4u services. You consent to defend and indemnify Tech Web4u against any claims that your use of our service has injured you or another person.


Termination The client must request the termination of services in writing, and the request takes effect when it is received. Requests to cancel services made by phone or email won’t be honored unless and until they’ve been confirmed in writing. The Client will get an invoice for all design work finished up until the date of the first notice of cancellation, with a 30-day payment window.


The Client authorizes Tech Web4u the right to publish and utilize any data, files, or graphic logo it provides while keeping all copyrights therein. Any data or files that are protected by a third party’s copyright must be used with the client’s consent and within the bounds of those rights.

The Client further agrees to grant Tech Web4u the necessary permissions and rights for the use of the same and to defend and indemnify Tech Web4u against any claims arising from the Client’s negligence or failure to secure the necessary copyright permissions. By signing a contract for website design and/or placement, the client is promising Tech Web4u that all necessary authorizations have been secured. It may be necessary to provide proof of authorizations and powers.

Creative Credit

At the bottom of the client’s website, there will be a small image or small type link to Tech Web4u. If a visual is used, it will be created to blend in with the layout of the website as a whole. A small fee equal to 10% of the total development costs will be charged if a client requests that the design credit be deleted.

Common Media Delivery

This Agreement assumes that all text will be provided by the Client in electronic format (ASCII text files delivered on floppy disc, via email, or via FTP) unless otherwise specified in the project quotation, and that all photographs and other graphics will be provided physically in high-quality print suitable for scanning or electronically in.gif,.jpeg,.png, or. tiff format. Tech Web4u shall take reasonable efforts to return to the Client any photographs or printed materials provided for use in developing the Client’s Website, but Tech Web4u cannot guarantee such a return.

Access prerequisites

Tech Web4u needs to be given temporary read/write access to the client’s storage directories, which must be reachable through FTP if the client’s website is going to be installed on a server owned by a third party.
Other resources might also need to be set up on the server, depending on the particulars of the project.

Domain Names

Tech Web4u may buy domain names on the client’s behalf. The Client is responsible for making payments and renewing those domain names. Tech Web4u disclaims all liability for any domain-related losses, cancellations, or other consequences resulting from late or missed payments. To guarantee that payment is received on time, the Client should maintain track of the payment due dates.

Modifications after Installation

Once deployed, Tech Web4u disclaims all liability for any adjustments made to the Client’s pages by a third party. These changes can be additions, adjustments, or removals, among other things.


All prior statements, understandings, and agreements are superseded by these Terms & Conditions. The Client agrees to and accepts these Terms and Conditions by signing the following form or paying an advance charge. Accepting our terms and conditions by making a payment online.

Rule of Law

Indian Law shall govern this Agreement.


By signing this document, Tech Web4u releases itself, its employees, and/or its agents from all liability for:

Loss or damage brought on by any error, whether brought on by carelessness or another factor during the creation of the website, loss or damage brought on by an omission, loss or damage brought on by a delay, and so forth;
loss or damage to client-supplied images for the website. It doesn’t matter if the loss or damage is the result of negligence or something else.
Tech Web4u’s total liability to the Client for any claim or violation of this Agreement, whether or not caused by negligence, shall be limited to the fees paid for the Services under this Agreement in relation to which the violation has occurred.


The remaining sections of this Agreement shall not be affected if one or more of them are found to be void, illegal, or unenforceable, and the Agreement shall not be void for this reason alone. Such invalid, unlawful, or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by a valid, legal, and enforceable provision that is mutually acceptable and that most closely matches the parties’ original intentions.


Renewals If a client does not pay for renewal after receiving many warnings from Tech Web4u, the relevant services will be immediately canceled and no backup data will be provided to clients.
Tech Web4u will not be obligated to provide additional notice or be held liable for any losses resulting from the termination of such services. Clients must pay according to corporate policy if they want a softcopy of the data.

Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers, and Payment Gateways

Since Tech Web4u does not own hosting servers or data centers, we only purchase WebHosting Space, Virtual Servers, Dedicated Servers, and Payment Gateway Services when requested by our clients.
For any monetary or intangible loss brought on by website hacking, data loss, etc., Tech Web4u is neither responsible nor liable. However, that doesn’t mean We won’t assist you. Tech Web4u will but is not obligated to, assist in resolving such concerns.